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VALCO laboratories test: ear lights

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These wireless earbuds were quite interesting earwax collectors.

We've often secretly laughed at people with earpods that look like Apple snot hanging from their ears. In reality, though, we were jealous when we couldn't afford to buy them and ended up getting our own ear buds.

First impressions were by no means extremely glowing. The sound quality of the earbuds did not impress with their brightness or anything else for an ear accustomed to the sound quality of a Sunday fan. The buttons were therefore left on the table to gather dust for a while.

Earvalco wireless earbuds

However, the buttons are easy to put in your pocket when you don't want to lug around bigger headphones and they were soon back in use. However, I did test the call features a few times and they surprised me in a positive way, as the connection and the microphone's audibility are the main factors in a call.

But the best thing about these gadgets is their convenience. You can conveniently listen to podcasts and radio programmes in the yard without having to constantly fiddle with the knots in the wires.

The case also proved to be very handy. The buttons fit into the pocket of even the tightest jeans when you're out on a city run, and the battery life is surprisingly good.

Korvavalco wireless earbuds

In the end, with a little frequency adjustment, the sound quality became quite tolerable. You can adjust the frequency correction directly from Spotify, at least on iPhone (gear image -> Playback -> Equalizer). On Android you apparently have to install a separate equalizer app.

Also, the position of the buttons on the ear seemed to have quite an impact on the listening experience. Too far in and the bass was overdriven and too far out and the bass was muted. You can't get midrange out of such small gadgets unless you turn up the volume relatively loud.

The best thing about these buttons, however, was that they slid under the paddles so conveniently that a dull day at work was instantly made more pleasant by the music. Damn handy. You could suddenly imagine that they would work well when riding a motorbike or snowmobile, for example, if there was room in the helmet.

I've gradually got used to using these as intermediate headphones for all kinds of work, and they're perfect for that, and you don't have to be ashamed of them in public transport, as there are no mushroom or snot-looking lumps sticking out of your ears.

wireless earbuds in the ear

We wouldn't sell these if we didn't think they were worth buying at this price. If you're really a hifist, you'd have to spend four times as much to get a really damn good pair of buttons. These are just excellent value for money.


+ damn handy

+ good battery life

+ handy size and case

- requires equalisation for listening to music

- position sensitive (see text)

- gets pretty loud pretty quickly


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