Markus Eronen kuulokeyhtiö Valcon vauhdittajaksi merkittävällä pääomasijoituksella. - VALCO
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Markus Eronen becomes a significant catalyst for Valco with a substantial capital investment.

Author Henri Heikkinen

Valco Oy, a leading Finnish headphone manufacturer, announces it has received a significant investment from Markus Eronen, the former owner of the electrical supply wholesale company EL-Parts Oy. The goal of Eronen's investment is to enable the long-cherished dreams of Valco's founders, from top-class sports cars and large gold watches to majestic boats.

After selling his company and subsequently experiencing years of unemployment, Eronen will now join Valco's daily operations as a GM, or 'Get Money.' In this role, he will focus on strengthening and expanding the company's financial resources.

Eronen is known as a relentless businessman, in whose hands challenges become opportunities and debts become assets. Eronen has promised to work tirelessly to achieve the dreams of Valco's founders.

Valco's more or less imaginary CEO, Raimo Valconen, is full of expectations: "We are excited about Markus joining us. He not only brings the necessary funding but also intends to work. The lack of both has been a weakness of our company from the beginning."

This investment process demonstrates Valco's ability to act quickly and efficiently. The search for an investor started on Monday, and by Wednesday, Markus Eronen was on board, with the investment deal agreed upon. This reflects the common determination and quick action of Valco and Eronen. Henri Heikkinen, a founding partner of Valco, commented, "Next, I thought about going to a car dealership."

With Markus Eronen's investment, Valco Oy plans to expand its operations and bring to market even more innovative headphones. Valco aims to be not only the most famous and successful Finnish consumer brand worldwide but also to build a Death Star and subjugate the entire universe.

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