Valco is a manufacturer of good audio products

The story of Valco... just beginning. We started our operations in 2018, fumbling in the dark until we met the audio guru Jasse "Jazmanaut" Kesti. Early 2019, we teamed up with him and started designing our very own headphone model, the Valco noise-canceling headphones.

Over the past few years, we have developed our product development expertise and acquired top-notch partners for design and engineering. The latest result of this work is the pretty awesome VMK25 headphones.

A lot has gone wrong in these few years, and problems have not been avoided. During the Corona period, we received a large batch of headphones with memory issues that put us in serious trouble. From time to time, there have been delivery issues with the products, and due to various full-body *erks, we had to deal with lawyers and other vultures.

Now things are going pretty well.

Jasse talks about the first headphones

Valco is the world's nicest evil corporation

Our goal is to sell so many headphones and other audio products that we can build our own Death Star (not related to the Walt Disney Company). Additionally, it is important to us that everyone who funded the Death Star wants to come with us.

Not because we would blow up the Earth, but because we are so nice. Our basic principle is to treat all customers and partners like our own friends – that is, generally well. Our mission is to make people feel good about giving us their hard-earned money.

We strive to be the leading manufacturer of innovative, sustainable, and Finnish-designed (and largely made) audio products that offer the best value for money to customers.

We promise not to sell crap.

In our plans, part of the customers' money goes to beer, child support, big gold watches, fast cars (or unnecessarily large cars), and other necessities before the actual Death Star can be built.

Our goal is to continuously improve our products and processes and minimize our environmental impact while providing our customers with the best possible audio experience.

In the end, nothing matters because sooner or later we will build the Death Star (still not related to the Walt Disney Company) and enslave all of humanity (except our customers, partners, and resellers).

Who the heck is Raimo?

You might have come across a peculiar character, for example, in Valco's advertisements.

Raimo Valconen is the personification of Valco. He is our more or less fictional CEO who dreams of his own Death Star and a W123 Mercedes.

He is a bit like Ronald McDonald, but less scary.

Here is Raimo's first appearance from 2021. You can find more on YouTube.

Raimo on YouTube

Valco is a completely Finnish company

Who runs this circus?

The people behind Valco

Unlike many other evil corporations, behind Valco are real people whose entire lives actually depend on you buying the headphones.

Valco's highly talented owners are modest and enjoy the small pleasures of life, such as sports cars, ridiculously large gold watches, yacht life in the Mediterranean, or drinking trips by private jet.

For this reason, they are happy to stay in the background and let Raimo Valconen be the public face of Valco.




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