Valco brings circular economy to your headphones - VMK20 and VMK19 models can be traded in for a gift card for brand new VMK25 headphones.

Valco, a Finnish company specializing in sound quality and death stars, has once again demonstrated its commitment to the circular economy and sustainability by launching a unique exchange programme. This programme, possibly the first of its kind in the world, allows customers to exchange their old VMK20 and VMK19 headphones for new, technologically advanced VMK25 models (or other products). The trade-in credit for old headsets is €50.

"Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable alternatives and we want to offer them solutions that meet this need.", says Henri Heikkinen, entrepreneur at Valco. "The new program will allow our customers to enjoy the latest technology while actively participating in supporting circular economy and contributing to our business."

Valco has been - as perhaps the sole company in the world - selling used headsets for over a year and has now expanded to this new exchange programme. This programme is not only consumer-friendly, but also actively promotes circular economy by reducing electronic waste. It also supports Valco's business by enabling the resale of refurbished headsets.

Valco also has its own headphone repair service, where headphones can be repaired even after the warranty period has expired - again, perhaps as the only headphone company in the world. This ensures the longevity of the headphones and increases their circular economy potential.

"At Valco, we naturally consider ourselves to be better people than others and we are overtly  to be able to set an example for others.", Heikkinen continues. "The new exchange programme is a testament to this commitment and superior business acumen. To our knowledge, there is no formal aftermarket for the headphones anywhere else.".

How does it work?

The exchange process has been made easy and hassle-free.

1. Contact our customer service team and tell them you want to send in your old VMK20 or VMK19 headphones in exchange for a gift card.

2. We'll give you instructions on how to pack and ship your headphones to us.

3. Once we have received your headphones, we will email you a €50 gift voucher on new VMK25 headphones from our online shop.

This is not only a great option for consumers, but also actively promotes the circular economy and sustainability. It also promotes Valco's business. Returning used headsets allows them to be resold, thus reducing the amount of electronic waste.

Don't miss this great opportunity. Trade in your old headphones now and enjoy the sound quality of the latest technology, while actively contributing to protecting the environment.