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At Valco, we sell noise-canceling headphones and Bluetooth speakers, but not just because they're absolutely brilliant. Every pair of headphones sold (and every euro from you) brings us closer to our main goal: building a Death Star and conquering galaxies.

However, we offer more than just galactic conquest plans. We also provide down-to-earth services like headphone repair. When you get Valco headphones, you get a lifelong companion – these devices are not disposable. If they break, we fix them. And if you want to refresh your style, you can trade in your old headphones for new ones with a reasonable extra cost. Additionally, Valco's range occasionally includes other products, like stylish sunglasses.

So, if you appreciate high-quality sound, want to support Finnish design, and have a secret dream of galactic domination, Valco is the perfect choice for you. Join us – and remember, only Valco customers have a place on our Death Star.