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Are your headphones an older model? Is the warranty no longer valid? Did you break them yourself in a drunken state and are too embarrassed to send them to us for repair? Don't worry! Here at Valco, we do not appreciate headphone waste. If your headphones got crushed under your rear end or eaten by your dog, send them to us for repair.

Just purchase this package and send your headphones to us, we will repair your broken headphones and return them to you in one piece. The package includes repair, spare parts, and return shipment to you.

This service package includes everything that a standard warranty does not cover. In other words, if the warranty period has expired or you broke the headphones yourself. If your spouse broke them while you were in your own world and not listening, send your headphones to us. If you ran over your headphones, send them to us. If the battery went kaput when you tried to charge your headphones with an electric car charger, send them to us.

This applies only to VMK25, VMK20, and VMK19 headphone models sold by Valco or its retailers.

Note! The headphones must be repairable in some way! If at least half of the parts cannot be used, they are deemed irreparable. If you are unsure whether your headphones can be repaired, ask our customer service at

Include a clear description of the fault with the headphones, even if you have talked to customer service. Here is a ready template for the fault description.

What the price includes:

  • Repair of VMK19, VMK20 or VMK25 headphones
  • Replacement of a broken battery (if necessary)
  • Necessary spare parts
  • Shipment back to you

What the price does NOT include:

  • Shipment to Valco


1. Buy this product and pack the headphones

If you want your headphones serviced, you need to first purchase the headphone service package.

Then pack the headphones carefully but sensibly. Seriously, we receive dozens of packages daily, and it’s no fun opening a service package sealed with glue, tape, and concrete.

Include a note with the headphones that has the service order number, your name, return address, phone number, email, and a description of the issue. We are not mind readers.

Download the ready-made template here.

2. Address it correctly

Service delivery address:

Valco Oy
Kirkkoahontie 365
87910 Linnantaus, Finland

Phone number: +358 40 626 0134

(This number does not accept calls)

NOTE! Include the recipient's email address and phone number to ensure the package arrives and doesn't end up in Timbuktu after bouncing between Bremen and Stockholm for six weeks.

3. Send the headphones at your own expense

It is extremely important that you send your headphones to our address and not to a pick-up point, for example. We have a contract with the Post Office, and if you send them elsewhere, the system will get confused again and the package will appear for pick-up in Mombasa or somewhere else.

Please make sure that you do not select a collection point for your parcel but that the delivery is to the nearest Post Office or directly to our address.

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4. Hold on

Trade in your old ones!

Did you know that you can now trade in your old VMK20 headphones for new ones?

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Markku Kiri

the product is great. I have other headphones where the power button is broken. when I save money I send them to be repaired