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Headphone repair

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Attention! Before ordering, please read the instructions below. We know you're the smart one, but many others don't read the instructions and then don't know how to send their headphones in for service.

  • The waiting time for service, i.e. if you send your headphones in for service, you will get them back in an estimated time:02.03. - 06.03.

  • The service package includes sending the repaired headphones back to the customer. The headphones must be sent to the service centre at your own expense.

Product description


1. Buy this product and package the headphones

If you want your headphones to be serviced, you must first purchase a headphone service kit.

Then pack your headphones carefully, but sensibly. Honestly, when 100 packages come in a day, it's no laughing matter to open one of those service kits sealed with glue, tape and concrete.

It would also be nice if the headphones to be repaired no longer contained, for example, faeces, vomit or other excreta when they are sent to us.

Please include a note with the headphones that at least includes the service order number, return address, phone number and some description of the fault. We are not psychics.

2. Send the headphones explicitly to Our address

Service delivery address:

Valco Ltd.
Kirkkoahontie 365
87910 Linnantaus, Finland

E-mail: info@valco.fi
Phone number: 040 626 0134
(This number does not accept calls)

NOTE! Please enter the recipient's e-mail address and phone number, otherwise the Post Office system will get confused and your parcel will end up in Timbuktu after six weeks of travelling between Turku and Stockholm.

3. Send the headphones to us at your own expense

It is extremely important that you post your headphones to our address, and not to a pick-up point for example. We have a contract with the Post Office and if you send them elsewhere, the Post Office system will get confused again and the package will appear for pick-up on Mombasa or somewhere else.

Please make sure that you do not select a collection point for your parcel, but that the delivery is to the Post Office or directly to our address.

4. Wait for it