The most common headphone-related questions and answers.


How much do Valco VMK20 and VMK25 headphones cost? Are they ever on sale?

Don't worry, we're not going to drain your bank account! Valco headphones are wallet-friendly. Right now, the VMK25 is 199€ and the VMK20 is a bit cheaper. As a matter of principle, we never put headphones on sale. So you shouldn't wait for, say, Black Friday or any other general sale day. Our headphones don't have such good margins as others that it's worth selling them at half price every now and then. We offer value for money. Sometimes we'll go out of our way to give some discount codes to our newsletter subscribers, so it's worth checking out.

What are the specifications of the Valco VMK20 and VMK25 headphones?

Specifications? They're good! The VMK20 and VMK25 wireless headsets offer enough battery life for a round trip to Australia or a full working week (if you're not an entrepreneur). Both headsets have state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity and sound quality that will have you dancing. The VMK25 is the slightly better of the two. It has a sturdier construction, more expensive materials, a new type of feedback and new headphone elements. However, both headphones are totally worth the money.

What is back noise and how does it work?

Back noise works by using small microphones to listen to the noise around you. They then create a 'back noise', which is like a mirror image of the noise. When the two sounds meet, they basically cancel each other out, so you hear less noise.

The VMK25 headphones' hybrid reverberation is an updated version of this. It uses microphones both inside and outside the headphones. This means it can listen to and cancel out noise both from around you and directly from your ears - the noise you actually hear through the cushioning of your headphones. This also means that sound cancellation is more effective.

How do Valco headphones differ from competitors' headphones?

Valco headphones are like a Finnish sauna - they're simply the best and made in Finland! Our headphones offer excellent sound quality, long battery life and are as comfortable as a down pillow. And best of all, they're designed in Finland. When you buy Valco headphones, you can be sure that your money goes mainly to the Finnish tax authorities, the K-Group and the S-Group. Where our headphones aren't really any different (other than being excellent for the price), our customer service is something you can't get anywhere else. Or, after the warranty period, can you send your other brand of headphones for service?

What colour options are available for Valco headphones?

Valco headphones come in many colours, just like Finnish nature! The VMK20 model comes in three options: classic black, stylish white and depressing grey. The VMK25 is currently only available in black, but will feature removable magnetic colour shells, which may be available in the future. In the meantime, you can remove the shells of your own headphones and even paint them to your liking. Doesn't affect the warranty.

Do Valco headphones come with a warranty?

Of course! We believe in our products so much that we offer a two-year full warranty (which is more comprehensive than others). If it's clearly our fault, we'll help you with your headphones even after the warranty period. And there's no need to worry about the warranty running out - unlike other headphone manufacturers, we have our own service department. If you run into problems, we're here to help. But don't worry, Valco headphones are as reliable as Finnish sisu!

Where can I buy Valco headphones?

Valco headphones are just a click away! You can buy them directly from our website. And hey, we have fast delivery, so you don't have to wait long to enjoy great sound. You can also buy Valco headphones from well-stocked Hifi and music supply and electronics stores. If a store doesn't stock Valco, be sure to ask the salesperson "WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ANY GOOD HEADSETS EXCEPT VALCO HEADSETS WHICH ARE THE BEST". On our website we also have other stuff for sale, like mugs, t-shirts and even slightly used, warranty free headphones.

Can I use Valco headphones for sports?

Of course! Valco headphones are like a Finnish athlete - they can withstand sweat and hard training. They're also comfortable and stay in place, so you can concentrate on your workout. Admittedly, we're fat and middle-aged ourselves, so maybe our idea of a hard workout isn't quite the same as someone who's really into sports. If you're sweating acid, we also have new ear pads for your headphones.

Are Valco headphones compatible with all devices?

Yes, Valco headphones and various Bluetooth devices are as compatible as rye bread and butter! By all accounts, Valco headphones work with all Bluetooth compatible devices. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet or computer, Valco headphones are ready to go.

What's included in the package when I buy Valco headphones?

Valco headphones come with everything you need and more! You get the headphones, a charging cable, a 3.5 mm audio cable (if a wireless connection is not available), an airplane adapter and a user guide. The headphones are delivered in an environmentally friendly way without extra cardboard in a handy carrying case, where you can then carry and store the headphones. Although they do fold up and travel just fine in a backpack or one of those '90s thigh-highs. As an option, you can also get a wired microphone, which makes them perfect for gaming and less background noise in a noisy office.


How do I pair Valco headphones with my device?

Pairing is as easy as throwing a stone in a lake! Just hold down the power button on the headphones until you hear a sexy male voice. Then open your device's Bluetooth settings and select Valco headphones (different headphones have different names, but you get the idea). And voila, you're ready to enjoy the music!

What do I do if my headphones don't work with my device?

No worries, so far everyone has got their headphones to work. First try turning off and on the Bluetooth on your device. If that doesn't help, try resetting your headphones by inserting (and removing) the 3.5mm cable that came with them. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service team. It could be a Monday item. That's what the warranty is for, and we have low-paid minions just for that, so you can ask them for advice and guidance on your headphones.

How do I charge my Valco headphones?

If you can charge your phone, you can charge your headphones. Just plug the included USB-C charging cable into the headphones and the other end into a standard power supply. When the LED light turns green, your headphones are fully charged and ready to rock! A word of warning: the headphones don't draw as much power as, say, a tablet or laptop. We recommend using a 1A charger to charge your headphones. If you're not sure, plug them into your computer.

What do I do if the sound from my headphones is stuttering or unclear?

If the sound is stuttering, something is wrong. After all, Valco's headphones should have pretty much first-class sound quality. Try moving your device closer to the headphones first. If that doesn't help, try turning off and on the Bluetooth. If the problem persists, contact our customer service team. On rare occasions, we have encountered situations where, for example, a strong electromagnetic field interferes with Bluetooth connections. In such cases, the fault is not with the headset but with the location, and there is nothing you can do about it except change the location. Although fewer of us have our headphones on somewhere inside a microwave oven.

How can I adjust the volume of my Valco headphones?

You can adjust the volume directly from the headphones or from your device. There are four buttons in total on the headphones. Three of them are in a row. The middle one is the power button and the other two adjust the volume. You just press those buttons with your earphone. Another option is to adjust the volume of the headphones from your phone.

How do I clean my Valco headphones?

Cleaning is as easy as wiping flour off a mirror! You can easily twist off the headphone cushions with a light wrist movement and wipe them with a damp cloth or even a mild detergent. The decorative fabric covers on both the VMK20 and VMK25 headphones can be treated with a stain remover if they're all dirty. There is evidence that the upholstery and fabric covers have been removed and washed in a washing machine, e.g. in a washing bag, but we do not recommend it. The headphones themselves don't like swimming, so don't splash water on the headphones themselves.

What do I do if the headphones won't charge or otherwise jam?

If your headphones don't charge or otherwise jam, there's probably something really wrong. In case of charging problems, first try a different charging cable and power supply. For any problems, try resetting the headphones by inserting the 3.5mm cable (and removing it). If these home remedies do not help, please contact our customer service team. We are happy to help!

How do I use the built-in microphone in my Valco headphones?

Once you have paired the headset with your device, the microphone is automatically activated during calls and voice commands. Now you can talk freely! You'll run out of battery on your phone and have plenty of numbers to call before Valco's headphones get tired of listening to your chatter.

What do I do if the headphones don't fit?

A good fit is the key to comfort and the best sound quality. We've done our best to create designs that fit every head. If you have an exceptionally fat head, the VMK20 headphones have more room laterally. If you have a small head, the VMK25 is easier to fit. For most heads, either headset will fit quite nicely. The metal core of the earpiece can be gently bent in or out by gripping roughly where the earpiece's adjustment space is. Be gentle though, plastic can't take everything.

How do I contact customer service if I have a problem with my headphones?

The easiest way to contact our customer service is directly from this website. For all headphone issues, you can also email us directly at or search our Facebook page and reach out via chat. As mentioned earlier, we have low-paid minions on our payroll whose sole mission in life is to make sure you get the perfect hearing aid experience after you've first pushed us for money (someone has to pay that small salary).