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Regression is the path to the future! Turn your wireless VMK20 or VMK25 headphones into top-class wired gaming and meeting headphones with Valco's original microphone accessory.

Plug the microphone gadget into the 3.5 mm hole and upgrade your headphones straight into the 1990s. With a boom mic in front of your face, less background noise enters the call, and Bluetooth-induced delays in gaming use are completely eliminated. In addition, you get a mute button and a handy volume control roller. You can bend the microphone arm to sit comfortably in front of your mouth, but it's not recommended to take it into your mouth.

So, what's the point compared to wired headphones? Well, you still get the noise cancellation feature, and you don't have to buy a separate pair of headphones for the office (or for gaming).

So, this is a separate microphone that is plugged into the VMK models, which is inserted into the 3.5 mm input hole of the headphones. The other end of the microphone cable is connected to a computer, game console, or even your nostril. However, when inserted into your nostril, the microphone is of very little use.

Color: Black, gold connectors

Connector: 3.5 mm, 4 pin connector. Included is an adapter, with which you can connect this to a computer that has separate audio and microphone connectors.

Cable length: approx. 2 meters, the cable is high quality and covered with fabric. The connector (as shown in the pictures) has a spring, which is intended to prevent the connector from breaking accidentally.

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Matthias Fichtner

good Quality, no installing problems