The products of the VALCO online store are sold by the Finnish company Valco Oy (Business ID 2919697-5, VAT number FI29196975). We sell and deliver products (almost) worldwide.

The prices of Valco's own products generally include taxes and shipping costs. For products supplied by third parties (if any), a separate shipping cost may be added at checkout.

Prices do not include any potential customs fees, import fees, or other unexpected additional costs unknown to us, which exist in poor and greedy developing countries like Switzerland or Norway. It is the customer's responsibility to smuggle their products through the whims of customs officers.


Products are ordered from the website or through other channels of the company. The technical implementation of the service is provided by the Canadian company Shopify. Valco Oy is not responsible for any errors caused by the marketplace.

Orders are confirmed by email, which provides the order details such as price, products, and shipping costs. Receiving the order confirmation requires providing a valid email address at the time of the order.

Payment Methods

Payment methods include at least the most common credit cards, Paypal, Finnish online banks, invoice, installment payments, and probably some others we forgot.

We strive to accept all legal payment methods except Venezuelan Bolivars. We do not trust their currency. If you live outside Finland and one of your preferred payment methods is not available, please contact our customer service and we will see if we can add squirrel pelts, barter, or some other payment method used globally.

Delivery Method and Shipping Costs

We didn't bother calculating the shipping costs for every country in the world, so the shipping costs are generally on us, unless otherwise stated for an individual product.

We ship the orders depending on the size of the order and the product either as a postal package or letter. Note that you cannot track a letter with a tracking number.

The products are shipped with the best possible option for each country, such as UPS, DHL, or by trained pigeons. Except in Bolivia, where we have an agreement with Pablo, who delivers our packages with his faithful donkey Mañana (pictured).

We strive to ship every order within two days of the purchase date. We don't know exactly how long it takes to deliver a package to your cabin on Moruroa Atoll. If the delivery has taken more than three weeks, please contact us.

Exchange and Return Instructions

If you want to exchange, return, or send a product for repair, please contact Valco customer service. We want to handle all possible issues personally.

Contact Page

Service postal address (no visits!)

Valco Oy
Kirkkoahontie 365
87910, Linnantaus

Phone number for post: 040 626 0134
(This number does not receive calls)

Customer service contact:

Phone: +358 8 666 0 333 (we answer occasionally)


Valco Oy reserves the right to make changes. The customer must familiarize themselves with the current delivery and payment terms before ordering.

Warranty Service Instructions

In Finland

You can send your headphones for warranty service ONLY via Posti (even if the original delivery method was something else).

Carefully pack the shipment and include a service ticket describing the fault, along with your address details and phone number for the service, so we know what to repair and to whom to return the headphones. We are not mediums.

If you don't have a printer, a piece of paper will suffice as long as it contains all the necessary information.

Warranty repairs through Posti service point. Write the shipment number 652876 / Valco Oy on the package and take it to the nearest post office.

That's it, the post office will know where to send it.

This method is only for warranty repairs or exchanges. Repair packages or returns must be paid for by the customer.

In the rest of the world

Contact our customer service at to get country-specific return instructions.