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Corporate Sales

Want to buy a special business gift for your company or headphones for the whole staff? Did you know that employee noise-cancelling headphones increase work efficiency by 12% and reduce the risk of rebellion by up to 64%*?

(Source: Stetson & Harrison Institute study, which we made up ourselves)

Does your hobby team need a particular product in large quantities? Do you have just about anything fun or lucrative in mind?

Don't worry, use the form below to contact us and we'll get it sorted - fairly, honestly and most importantly, reasonably priced. We're keen entrepreneurs and we're interested in the slightly odder opportunities as well!

Become a dealer

Do you have a mysterious guitar string shop in Chipping Norton? Contact us and start selling or marketing Valco products.

We would like to get dealers and partners for our products. Be part of Valco's Death Star project or suffer when we finally subjugate the entire universe.

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