Finland's leading manufacturer of Valco brand noise-cancelling headphones, Valco Oy, announces that the company will continue its plans to invest in Puolanka, despite the political strikes shaking the whole country.

Valco's director, Raimo Valconen, believes that political or other strikes will not affect Valco because "Our products are constantly sold out, and delivery times are so long anyway that no strike even reaches our customers."

Valconen also does not believe that the strike action will ever spread to Valco, as news of strikes – or anything else – arrives in Puolanka a bit later than other areas.

"Even if the rest of the world stops, Valco keeps moving. We are confident that when others return to their desks, we are already a step ahead and have gone home," Valconen adds enthusiastically. Furthermore, he suspects that the company's employees are so lazy in any case that their striking would have no significance.

Valco Oy is committed to investing in Puolanka and sees this not only as a vote of confidence in Puolanka's lively economic activity and moderately alcoholized inhabitants but also as an opportunity to strengthen the company's position in the intergalactic markets.

Valco feels that the cessation of investments by all other companies, closures of production facilities, and bankruptcies due to strikes are beneficial to the company. This way, Valco can more easily hire the necessary workforce from the free market for the Puolanka Headphone and Death Star factory.

"However, the factory needs four to five million workers. First, four workers to assemble the headphones and finally five million to make the Death Star. According to our calculations, at this rate, there will be enough people available from the free market in the coming years," Valconen reminds.