Hey you, who thought everything at Valco was under control – guess again. As it happened, when we were making the NL25 earbuds, which were supposed to revolutionize the earbud market and finally make us owners of the Death Star, we decided at the last minute to add a noise-cancellation feature. Because why not? Everyone wants noise cancellation, and how hard can it be? Spoiler: really hard.

NL25 in Brief: What’s the Deal?

The NL25 is an earbud that, modestly put, is better than all other (in the same price range) earbuds combined – excellent sound quality, designed by the world-renowned Jussi Timonen, physical buttons (because touch controls are annoying), and the latest chipset technology. We had a prototype almost ready for production, and all was well until some genius thought, "hey, let’s add noise cancellation to this," as if it were some kind of dessert sauce you can just casually pour on top.

The Price Tag of Genius

As a result of this stroke of brilliance, the entire project was delayed by almost a year, and the price... well, let's just say it "jumped" a bit. But now we have noise cancellation and even better sound quality than ever before. If we learned anything, it’s that "it probably won’t be a big deal" is usually a pretty dumb thought and that we are sometimes really dumb, which is why we are not yet rich despite having such brilliant earbuds.

On the Threshold of Production

This story may yet have a happy ending. We've managed to get the noise cancellation working, the sound quality is even better, and we've made other tweaks to the model. We are finally starting production this summer. Congratulations to those who pre-ordered: you made a wise decision. Despite the runaway price of the NL25 model, we are sticking to the special price promised to pre-orderers – despite our investor's objections.

What Happens Next?

Pre-ordering has now ended, and we will share the NL25's journey as we progress and remember. Stay tuned to Valco's newsletter so you don't miss the next time we have a "brilliant idea".

NL25 in a Nutshell:

Finnish Design: The handiwork of the internationally awarded Jussi Timonen. The NL25 earbuds are designed based on scientific knowledge. We haven't measured people's skulls ourselves, but the design is based on researched information about the diversity of the human ear, allowing for a product that fits as if it were molded in place.

Ergonomics and Quality: The NL25 earbuds have real buttons, designed to withstand northern conditions and glove use. The interchangeable fittings designed for each ear ensure comfort and a snug fit, maximizing sound insulation and comfort.

Top-Class Sound Quality: As expected from Valco, the NL25 offers some of the best sound quality on the market. The sound world designed by Jasse Kesti and the latest acoustic elements ensure that music is reproduced cleanly and balanced, distinguishing every note and tone.

Cutting-Edge Technology: The new programmable Qualcomm chipset brings top-class technology to the NL25 earbuds. This allows for future updates, ensuring your earbuds always stay on the cutting edge. Wireless technology has never been this smart and adaptable.