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Pigeon ducks in use test

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I asked on Valco's Facebook page to test the headphones and to my surprise the company replied. They said they had taken pity on my Facebook profile and decided to give me the headphones on the condition that I write a review. So I'm not a friend or cousin of a salesman, just a random guy.

I'm not a particular hifist. My previous headphones were double the price of the ones I bought from a neighbouring company and the noise was worse and the sound was more stale. I felt mildly pissed off when the shit was still falling apart in a couple of months and the replacement in a couple of weeks. These have worked ok so far at least.

The first thing that strikes you when you open the product is the packaging. Namely, it is not newsprint and it has text on it in lontook. However, after opening the package, the entrepreneur almost had an immediate stroke of shit when one of the cups was left at the bottom of the box.

The problem was not a major one, however, as both cups can be easily snapped on and off and, above all, not only removed, but also put back intact.

So there was nothing wrong with the headphones, but probably the Post Office had kicked my package harder than usual.


noise-cancelling headphones


The first test with the headphones was conveniently timed for the Vihti-Kajaani trip, where I found that at least the mountain serenade and Regina's dreams could be heard just fine over the growls of the diesel Mercedes, although the volume was surprisingly high in the Mercedes.

Despite the salesman's claims, the counter-noise characteristic is, in my opinion, very good.

The counter-noise, at least on the plane, works much better than in a couple of headphones I've tried before, and the design of the headphones didn't strain my head at any point, despite long periods of use. Also, the large tunnels in the ears fit well inside the cushions.

The sound quality isn't exactly stellar, but it's still a good okoo level. It's quite happy to listen to movies and podcasts on the go, or even listen to the best of Mati and Tepo to pass the time.

 noise-cancelling headphones

The pigeons are not the first choice of any hifist, but the price is in line with it. The price-quality ratio is excellent. For the less poor, I can recommend buying them, even if it's just because of the manual, which is pretty typical Valco style.

In addition to all the good features, the Pulasors also have the following bad features:

Counter-noise eliminates excess noise, but sadly, it doesn't help with a) screaming children, b) nagging wives, or c) Popeda.

 T: Jussi

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