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NL25-nappikuulokkeet: Matkalla kohti parhautta - VALCO

NL25 Earbuds: On the Path to Greatness

The NL25 is an earbud that, modestly put, is better than all other (in the same price range) earbuds combined – excellent sound quality, designed by the world-renowned Jussi Timonen, physical buttons (because touch controls are annoying), and the latest chipset technology.

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Valco Oy pitää kiinni Puolangalle suunnatuista investoinneista lakkoilusta huolimatta - VALCO

Valco Oy remains committed to investments in Puolanka despite strikes

Finland's leading manufacturer of Valco brand noise-cancelling headphones, Valco Oy, announces that the company will continue its plans to invest in Puolanka, despite the political strikes shaking the whole country.

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Markus Eronen kuulokeyhtiö Valcon vauhdittajaksi merkittävällä pääomasijoituksella. - VALCO

Markus Eronen becomes a significant catalyst for Valco with a substantial capital investment.

Valco Oy, a leading Finnish headphone manufacturer, announces it has received a significant investment from Markus Eronen, the former owner of the electrical supply wholesale company EL-Parts Oy. The goal of Eronen's investment is to enable the long-cherished dreams of Valco's founders, from top-class sports cars and large gold watches to majestic boats.

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Tiedote: Valco on päättänyt tehdasinvestoinneista Puolangalle - VALCO

Press release: Valco has decided to invest in a factory in Puolanka

Valco is a leading domestic headphone manufacturer that has been noted in several places. The company supplies headphones and other audio devices globally on a turnkey basis. The project designed by Valco is expected to create five to ten million jobs in Finland in the long term.

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Asiakaskyselyn kukkasia - VALCO

Treats from our customer survey

Again in May, we put out a customer survey to subscribers of the newsletter. The result was like throwing bread to the bulls. We do not know why or how, but a very long questionnaire containing a variety of stupid questions was answered by almost 2 000 people, which, as a sample, is already enough to predict the election of the next president.

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Kuoleman spiraalin jälkilöylyt (eli miten firma ei mennytkään vielä nurin) - VALCO

The aftermath of the death spiral (how the company didn't go bust after all)

As many who have followed Valco know, last year (2021) we had a really bad setback. Not only did the interest rate push up costs and we suffered delivery problems, but a large number of the headsets had a latent memory failure due to a component failure. A small component failure caused thousands of headphones to be recalled, customers were outraged (probably including you), and we were threatened with a death spiral.

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Kuoleman spiraali (eli miten firma melkein meni nurin) - VALCO

The death spiral (or how the company almost went bust)

I hope this post reaches as many of you as possible, because we have quite a lot of explaining to do. 2020 went very well. At the end of the year, we launched the VMK20 headphones, which were not only...

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Paskimpia ovat asiakkaat - VALCO

The shittiest are the customers

Since last autumn (autumn 2017) I have been running this vague little online shop. Economically, this does not produce anything, but mentally, running your own small shop is quite a fun hobby. Customer service in general is a really nice...

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Tiesitkö tämän Mustasta Perjantaista? - VALCO

Did you know this about Black Friday?

By now, most Finns have heard of Black Friday, which is mainly celebrated in the United States. However, few people know how this holiday originated and how it relates to Finland.

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