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Jussi Timonen's skilled design and Jasse Kesti's sound world, which will make your ears sing with joy. The NL25 fits perfectly (almost) in every ear and brings studio-level sound quality to your everyday life - from the hustle and bustle of the city to the tranquility of nature. Always on the cutting edge with the latest technology and updatable for future needs.

ATTENTION! This is only a reservation! There is no charge for the product yet! THE PRODUCT WILL BE DELIVERED IN EARLY 2024!

Numbered special edition for pre-reservation only! You can now secure yours and reserve them in advance. The NL25 will be available to the general public sometime later.

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The best earbuds you can afford

Finnish Design: Crafted by the internationally acclaimed Jussi Timonen. The NL25 earbuds are designed based on scientific knowledge. We haven't measured human skulls ourselves, but the design is based on researched information about the diversity of the human ear, enabling a product that fits perfectly in place.

Ergonomics and Quality: The NL25 earbuds feature real buttons, designed to withstand the conditions of the north and glove usage. Interchangeable fittings designed to fit every ear ensure comfort and a snug fit, maximizing sound isolation and ease of use.

Top-Class Sound Quality: As expected from Valco, the NL25 offers one of the best sound qualities on the market. The soundscape designed by Jasse Kesti and the latest technology in acoustic elements ensure that music is reproduced purely and balanced, distinguishing every note and tone.

Cutting-Edge Technology: The new programmable Qualcomm chipset brings top-class technology to the NL25 earbuds. This allows for future updates, ensuring that your earbuds always stay ahead of the curve. Wireless technology has never been this smart and adaptable.

Numbered Special Edition: Seize the opportunity to own a piece of Finnish design history. The first batch of NL25 earbuds is a limited and numbered special edition, available only to those who pre-reserve. These are not just earbuds – they are collectibles. Each pair is numbered, affirming their uniqueness and value.

By owning a numbered special edition, you have tangible proof that you have been supporting Valco's Finnish design and innovation from the very beginning.

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The popularity of the NL25 earbuds is expected to be as explosive as that of their predecessors. Due to limited availability, the earbuds are only available for pre-reservation.

Each person who makes a pre-reservation will have an exclusive opportunity to acquire the earbuds among the first.

For now, the NL25 earbuds are available only to those who pre-reserve. Additionally, by inviting your friends to join the reservation list, you can improve your position and receive the earbuds faster.

The first batch is intended only for those who have demonstrated their interest and commitment in advance.

A unique numbered special edition of the pre-reserved NL25 earbuds will be produced, available exclusively to pre-reservers.

By pre-reserving, you ensure your place at the forefront, so you don't miss out on these highly sought-after earbuds. We have seen with previous models how quickly they sell out.

This time, we have decided to sell the NL25 earbuds solely through pre-reservations to guarantee availability.

Pre-reservation is completely free, and you only pay for the earbuds when they are ready to be shipped. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity – reserve yours now and be part of the NL25 earbuds story from the beginning.

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