VMK25 ANC headphones

You would think that you can't improve upon excellence. The VMK20 model has sold tens of thousands and has received nearly all praise from both the media and customers, but development keeps evolving and you always learn something new. We listened carefully to the feedback from the VMK20 model and built a "big brother" for the extremely popular model.

Firstly, we redesigned the design once again with the help of Finnish Ratamo Design. We aimed for a modern look while keeping the "family resemblance", so VMK25 does not need to be suspiciously questioned as the mailman's son.

Since we believe that headphones do not need to glow in the dark and flash, both function LEDs of the headphones are inside the ear cup. This way, you can be sure you won't be noticed when you're lurking in a bush with these on your head.

A fun detail in the VMK25 model is the cleverly magnetic, funny covers that can be easily changed (washed) and self-tuned.

The VMK20 was already tuned to the max, and adjustments alone would not have made it any better. That's why these have new composite elements that enable even better sound than before.

We also invested in noise cancellation and these have a completely new noise cancellation circuit supported by the beefy and noise-cancelling memory foam cushions. The noise cancellation now also features a transparency mode, which we think is silly, but customers requested.

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