VMK20 ANC headphones

After selling thousands of imported wireless headphones, we wanted our own model, so no one can whine that "these are ten bucks cheaper on eBay". And no one did, because these are our headphones.

We were generally considered mad at the time. There are dozens, if not hundreds of headphone manufacturers in the world, many of them so-called mega-corporations, so how can a small shop from Finland imagine bringing anything new to that niche?

Well now that we've sold thousands of headphones to utterly satisfied customers around the world (35 different countries, to be precise), no one is questioning our mental health anymore (in this matter, yes in others). These noise-cancelling headphones just have such good sound quality for the price that they are a pleasure to use. You don't even have to be a victim of advertising to buy.

Over the past year, we have listened carefully to user feedback and learned a little more about these headphones along the way.

The biggest challenge here has been not to mess up what is already good about the headphones, but to polish away the weaknesses.

We revamped the appearance of the VMK20 noise-cancelling headphones with the help of Finnish Ratamo Design, developed a new Bluetooth antenna, switched to better microphones, and improved the quality overall.

Jasse took what he thinks are the best hi-fi headphones as a reference and tuned the sound of the new ones until he started crying with joy. The sound should now be top-notch in these. We're pretty sure these are the best noise-canceling headphones you can get for this money.

There are quite good wireless headphones and noise-cancelling headphones on the market, but these are excellent and at a reasonable price. Oh, and a remote worker or entrepreneur can deduct these in taxation.

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