Refurbished VMK headphones

Kuulokkeiden korjaus - VALCO

Originally, we tried to survive by selling warranty returns caused by an incredibly annoying chip problem back to customers. Well, it turns out that people actually like to buy used headphones a bit cheaper, as long as they genuinely have a warranty in place.

You can now give us your used VMK20 headphones in exchange, and receive a reasonable discount for new VMK25 headphones. We take these headphones, repair, clean, service, pamper, and put them up for sale just for you.

Warranty serviced ones will be sold as Hannes has time to fix them, so if they are sold out right now, it's worth checking back in a few days.

Color options come into stock quite randomly as they come in exchange. If you definitely want headphones in the color you prefer, it's best to order new ones. Please note that the VMK19 model is only very rarely available, and can never be obtained again.

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