Nordell MK3 bluetooth speaker

Valco Nordell Mk3 mini stereos are a combination of everyone's favorite ingredients - metal and silicone. In terms of appearance, presence, and sound quality, the device could well be a hundred euros more expensive. It's not flimsy or plastic, and the sound doesn't sound like a snuffly Ozzy Osbourne (the lame reality-tv one, not the legendary rock star).

This fairly water and dust resistant device can handle music in the rain and on a sunny beach. The former is, however, more likely in Finland. It also has a handy loop, where the device can be attached to, say, a backpack full of beer.

Big buttons are easy to use with gloves on, so this model is at its best for laborers and butt crack guys on the worksite. Or when drunk. At home, you can wirelessly connect two Nordells together, giving you more booming sound, and in stereo to boot.

The gadget even has a miraculous 3D sound, activated by the 3D button. It provides a unique aural experience. In other words, it tricks the brain a bit into thinking that there are more speakers. Most people find that the sound improves from this mysterious 3D button.

Note! This product is not designed by Valco. This is just manufactured for us and a really good find among the tens, if not hundreds, of Chinese Bluetooth players.

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