NL25 wireless earbuds

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Are you ready to enjoy a serenade in your ear canals? Forget the expensive "premium" earbuds from mega-corporations – the NL25 will take you straight to the heart of music without having to sell a kidney.

Designed by the award-winning Jussi Timonen and engineered by sound guru Jasse Kesti, the NL25s are earbuds fine-tuned to perfection. The new Qualcomm chipset delivers top-tier audio technology, bringing every note to life – without noise cancellation, but with full emotion. The case is perfectly designed to fit in a pocket, modeled after a snus can, but slightly smaller (diameter 55 mm).

While the NL25s don't offer noise cancellation, their tight fit and natural sound isolation do the job. You know, earbuds are literally pushed into the ears, thereby dampening background noises just like earplugs.

The most important thing, of course, is the excellent sound quality, but unlike competitors, Valco's earbuds also have buttons! Tired of irritating and vague touch controls, we wanted the NL25s to be genuinely comfortable to use, even with gloves on.

Attention! Due to limited availability, the earbuds are only available for pre-reservation. Everyone who makes a pre-reservation will get an exclusive chance to be among the first to acquire these earbuds. The first batch is a numbered special edition, available ONLY to those who make a pre-reservation.

For now, the NL25 earbuds are available only to those who make a pre-reservation. Additionally, by inviting your friends to join the reservation list, you can improve your position and get your earbuds faster. The first batch is intended only for those who have shown their interest and commitment in advance.

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