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Valco's new travel mirror

Author Valco Laboratoriot


Jasse hello again! Already last summer I was saying that it's strange that there is no good travel speaker on the market. I mean, one that is not either an impossible plastic rattle and/or sounds like a moped with a sound system tuned to Yngvie Malmsteen's maxim: More is more! The result is a snarling bass that covers everything underneath.

Well, I exaggerated. You can find good pads on the market, but they're usually pretty damn expensive. We can't afford them.

So we took the job of ordering from various manufacturers to test the pots and see if we could get a good and affordable gadget on the market, which would wash the price / quality ratio of those basic pots, which are a billion in a dozen.

 And what would make that thing excellent?

Well, first of all, a smooth frequency response and moderate distortion, which guarantees clear reproduction, both with music and with podcasts and audio books.

This is not a race to see which bass drum sounds louder than the others and which has the most rap bass, but to put all your effort into the quality of the sound.

Then the thing has to be easy to carry around. That means it must be no bigger than the size and weight of a half-litre water bottle.

And it's got to be able to handle a Vaco Midsummer's Eve party. That means it's bomb and waterproof.

And guess what? We did it! And in addition to all of the above, there are many more: the stereo expansion button makes this little thing sound like a much bigger device, which magically draws a moderate stereo image without becoming plastic-sounding, as is usually the case with this kind of effect.

And if the size and power of the soundfield isn't enough for a pool party, you can pair two of them together to make a real stereo system.

And the music can be played with Bluetooth 5.0 in addition to the traditional cable, because few cassette players have other outputs, and certain semi-retro users, can also luukuttaa music files from the memory card.

And I would specify yet negistelijöille, that yes here it is bass sound is found. It actually goes down quite amazingly, for such a small pot. It's just not all-consuming, all-covering riffing.

And yes, this sound can be so loud that the neighbor's grandmother comes from a block away to ask if this is where Tuomisjamppa sings so wonderfully? It's just not the default value of the Kapine.

Check out the video below for a more detailed introduction. These will be on sale when we get them from the factory. With the headphones, our entrepreneurs had their blood pressure so high when the interest rate made customers wait for them that the pre-sale is no longer going on.

It wasn't far off that customers would come to our office with pitchforks and torches and go berserk.

So if you want one (and why wouldn't you?), you can subscribe to our mailing list, for example, by clicking below:

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