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Jonte bought Pulasorsat

Author Valco Laboratoriot

Someone called Jonte bought some pigeons from us and put some feedback in an email, so we decided to publish it for the pleasure and advice of others.

- Valco

My wife bought some cool wireless headphones and I started to think that I should get them too. My ears are such that the buttons don't stay on very well. And the wires are always tangled. Then I looked at the account and said I'm going to surf to find something that fits my budget. Well, then I came across these headphones of yours and I thought that I wouldn't fall from a height if I had the space...

First impression was quite reasonable. There was no charger, but that's fine now that they are everywhere. First I had to guess with the pairing the right button but with the help of the voice instructions the middle button was found quickly. Then just put the headphones on but which way? After a careful look inside, I found R and L and that was also clear.

The soundscape was then a huge improvement on the buttons. The counter-noise feature is also quite useful - it keeps out unnecessary traffic noise in urban use. However, the feature is not too loud so that you can't hear bikers coming from behind, so it's set at just the right level for me.

Not much experience with battery life yet, but it seems to last at least a day. Bonus is also the appearance which to my eye is quite Ok stylish. Use has been office, commuting, city and hall. In all respects Ok or even good price - quality ratio device so I can recommend!


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