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Good noise-cancelling headphones are important for pilots

Author Valco Laboratoriot

The nature of a pilot's work means that it does not follow a regular pattern throughout the day: working hours, cities, countries and conditions can be almost anything. It therefore requires flexibility from the operator, but you have to be inflexible about the level of equipment - all the gear you pack in your bag can make a big difference, both in the big picture and in unexpected situations.
I'm a propeller plane captain, a flapping taxi driver, and I fly at best ten flights in a couple of days. However, the rest period regulations are strict. To ensure that I get a full rest whenever possible, one of the most important pieces of equipment I carry is a good pair of civilian headphones, which I need when I'm sitting on planes as a passenger on transfer flights, in hotels during working hours and at home when I'm resting outside working hours.

I found the VALCO headphones online and ordered them just for fun to test them out. And then they turned out to be really good. I should mention that I'm not a hearing expert, so I prefer to leave the sound quality analysis to the experts.

What I have personally found about Valco's handsets is that they are lightweight, the answering function and bluetooth work well and, to my surprise, they are also excellent for making calls. In addition, the battery seems to be good enough even if you have a lot of different uses in a day! For these reasons, I would highly recommend the headphones to anyone who needs a good pair of headphones for work or leisure.

- Ville V. - flight captain

ps. for yourself you can easily buy these headphones at www.valco.fi

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