The nature of a pilot's job means that work does not structure the day evenly: work hours, cities, countries, and conditions can be almost anything. This requires flexibility from the person, but when it comes to the quality of the equipment, you have to be uncompromising – every piece of gear packed in the bag can be significant both in the big picture and in unexpected situations.
I am a propeller plane captain, so a "flipper taxi driver", and I fly up to ten flights in a couple of days. However, the rest time regulations are strict. To ensure that I get perfect rest whenever possible, good civilian headphones are among the most important gear I carry with me. I need them as a passenger on transfer flights, in hotels during working hours, and at home outside of working hours for resting.

I found Valco headphones online and ordered them for fun to test them out. And then they turned out to be really good. Let it be noted that I am not a headphone aficionado, so I am happy to leave the sound quality analysis to the experts.

What I have personally found with Valco headphones is that they are lightweight, the noise cancellation and Bluetooth work well, and to my surprise, the headphones are also excellent for making calls. Additionally, the battery lasts well even with a lot of different uses in one day! For these reasons, I warmly recommend these headphones to anyone who needs good headphones for both work and leisure.

- Ville V. - Captain