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VMK25 noise-cancelling headphones

Our first own model, the wood-backed VMK19 was a huge hit, and no wonder, because it was good! The first batch sold out in I think 10 minutes, which was a very strong indication that we were on the verge of something good. Now VMK19 is a collector's item.

A year later, we launched an improved model; the canvas-topped VMK20, which most people already recognise. The new model had even better and more thoughtful features, including better components, a more refined sound profile and Finnish design.

While the VMK20 is still absolutely awesome, it would be foolish to let it rest on its laurels. Again, we've learned our lessons and listened to customer feedback. With the benefit of practical experience and customer feedback, we are now launching an even more refined headphone model. Ladies and gentlemen: the VMK25.

- Jasse "Jazmanaut" Kesti

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Coming this year!


Are you ready to enjoy a serenade in your ear canals? Forget the expensive "premium" earbuds from mega-corporations – the NL25 will take you straight to the heart of music without having to sell a kidney.

Designed by the award-winning Jussi Timonen and engineered by sound guru Jasse Kesti, the NL25s are earbuds fine-tuned to perfection. The new Qualcomm chipset delivers top-tier audio technology, bringing every note to life – with active noise cancellation and full emotion. The case is perfectly designed to fit in a pocket, modeled after a snus can, but slightly smaller (diameter 55 mm).

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Is the VMK25 too expensive...

VMK20 noise-cancelling headphones

Then the best you can afford is the VMK20!

Despite the lower price, the VMK20 offers great sound quality, active feedback and long battery life. The headphones are made of durable materials and are available in three colours, black, grey and stylish white.

The VMK20 headphones are designed in Finland. They are sound-guarded in black, white and grey. Jasse "Jazmanaut" Kest and offer a smooth frequency response and very low distortion.

But the best thing about them is the price! The Valco VMK20 headphones are very affordable compared to other headphones of a similar level. A new headset costs just €149 and if that still seems expensive, you can get a warranty-free, lightly used pair for the more ecological price of €109.

Regular price €149.00
Discount price €149.00 Regular price
Regular price €109.00
Discount price €109.00 Regular price
VMK19 wood grain
VMK19 wood grain

Out of warranty?

Valcos can be repaired

Unlike other brands, our headphones can still be serviced and repaired after the warranty period - or if you have an accident during the warranty period.

We have our own service department and spare parts are available. At the point when you've thrown away dozens of other brands of headphones, Valcos are still as good as new.

Regular price €49.90
Discount price €49.90 Regular price

Do you talk a lot or play a lot?

Buy a microphone

Are you the Indian customer service agent of your life, stuck in an open office? Do you play Quake online at night with Poles? Longing for the days of wired headphones?

Valco's VMKs do have pretty good built-in microphones, but sometimes you might need something a little more rugged. For that, we have the official Valco microphone thing.

Regular price €39.90
Discount price €39.90 Regular price

Summer and speakers!

Nordell MK3

A device that is very water and dust resistant can withstand making music in the rain and on a sunny sandy beach. The former, however, is more likely in Finland. If you're not poor, you can buy two Nordells and pair them together, giving you more boom and, moreover, in stereo.

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Customer Reviews

I don't really have the money, but I'm looking for a VMK25?

Give your old ones in exchange!

Give us the old ones in exchange! Since we don't really have those Refurbished VMK headphones left to sell, we decided to pioneer the circular economy and take your old VMK20 and VMK19 headphones in exchange.

You can exchange your VMKs in good condition for 50 euros for new VMK25 headphones!

Please contact Valco Customer Service if you would like to exchange your old headphones.

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What the media said


"The Valco VMK20 wireless noise-cancelling headphones have a clear and distinctive sound. Bass reproduction is also fine. The VMK20 are good headphones and overall they are among the best in their price class."

"With its controlled bass and sometimes overly detailed sound, the Valco VMK20 shows how much you can get out of headphones for a small amount of money. Back noise and build quality are good, and the promised battery life of up to 45 hours is second to none. A simple fun-getter with an impressive price-performance ratio."

Tekniikan Maailma

"The Valco VMK20 and Urbanista Miami were reviewed with the same criteria and emphasis as the Valco Valcoitus Bass three-headphone comparison in the 4/2020 issue of TM. Valco's performance improved markedly, and Urbanista ended up with the same score as our comparison Philips PH805."

(In the 4/20 comparison, Sony scored 8.3 and Valco 8.3, Philips 8.0. In the re-run, Valco scored 8.7)


"The Valco is certainly not a bargain at the price point, but it offers a complete package that includes secure Bluetooth connectivity, very good battery life, top-notch ANC functionality and a warm, well-tuned hi-fi sound. Noise cancellation is super-fast, making every journey a little more pleasant, whether you're on a rattling train or a crab-catching boat in a fjord. The high-quality design catches the eye with a neat textile flap, and the lightweight construction means there's no strain on your head at all."

"I never thought I would write this, but my previous Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless headphones were retired early. The Valco headphones convinced me completely."

Site Geek

"Personally, I can't find anything to complain about and I think they're a bit better than my Bose QC 35s. Valco have succeeded perfectly in their gamble to offer quality headphones at half the price of their competitors."

Basic Tutorials

"Fresh and cheeky around-the-ear headphones that offer good sound and comfort." Score 90/100

LB Tech reviews

"The Valco VMK20 is a really good wireless bucket headphone model with a very good response. The headphones sound better than we would have expected, and we think they are the best headphones at the affordable end of the range. The long battery life is also a plus, but we recommend these above all for the warm and full sound quality."

"Valco's VMK20 headphones impress above all with their sound quality - so far I haven't heard better noise-cancelling headphones."

Are you flat broke?

Don't worry! You can also buy from us on credit and pay as you go*. Take your time to try the product and pay when you want to keep it. For the more expensive products, you can pay in instalments when you receive your social security money. If you work, you can put your headphones on the tax deduction list.

*Depending on where you live.

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Three good reasons to buy from us

Apart from the fact that the products are absolutely fantastic!

We'll pay for the postage!

That means that we do not charge postage as a matter of principle.

However, you should be prepared to pay customs duties if you live in a developing country like Mongolia or Norway. Because of Brexit, the UK is now a developing country too.

In fact, if you live outside the EU in Europe (i.e. the UK), it's almost worth ordering your headphones through our reseller, Thomann.

Note! Although we do not charge postage, we do sometimes have products for sale in our "All sorts of stuff" category that are supplied by a third party, for which they do charge postage. These products are usually more or less clearly marked separately.

Valco's full guarantee!

Valco products come with a unique two-year full warranty. It covers everything except damage caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct - and even then we can help (at least for a small fee).

So for the duration of the warranty, we'll fight tooth and nail to make sure you get the most out of your Valco headphones (or any of our other audio products).

Our loyal minions will answer your emails, chat with you on Facebook and keep you company on lonely nights.

We believe that good customer service - even after the purchase - is the best way to market your products.

And when the warranty period is over, we'll provide you with spare parts and continue to repair your headphones to like-new condition for a nominal fee for as long as this wooden case is around.

Easy returns

We trust what we sell. Unlike your spouse, we won't be satisfied if you're not 100% satisfied.

You can try the headphones at home and return them within 14 days if, for example, the bailiff threatens you, your head is too bumpy or you just don't understand the appeal of a good pair of headphones. Remember, however, that the headphones should be intact and clean when you return them. We don't want your earwax or dandruff any more than anyone else.

If for any reason you end up returning your purchase, please let Customer Service know (so we can refund your money to the right place) and send the product back. That's it. We don't harass or ask stupid questions.

Of course, if there's anything we can do to improve, we're happy to take your ideas.

...and one more

Although we're selling these headphones to fund the building of the Death Star, we're still offering something quite unique. Valco headphones combine the best of sensibly priced components, Finnish design and Jasse Kest's 20+ years of mastering experience. And all this at a very affordable price. We dare say that Valco headphones offer unrivalled value for money and a listening experience that is superior in its price category. If all goes well, by 2025 we may have the world's first Finnish-made headphones. And perhaps the only headphones in the world to have an official aftermarket - you can trade in your old ones for new ones!

Of course, the main difference between us and the others is that we are real people. The money given to us honestly goes on beer, alimony, big gold watches and sports cars. Unlike our competitors, like [The Great Japanese or Korean Conglomerate], [The World's Largest American Corporation] and [The German microphone factory], you can always reach out to Valco's entrepreneurs and tell them to stick their headsets where the sun don't shine. Try the same with the [mega-corporation].

We plant a tree for every pair of headphones sold

Valco wants to look good and sell a lot of headphones. Since others are doing this nowadays, we also decided to launch our own environmental campaign. Of course it's greenwashing when a company does something like this. What's the point in going around in circles. Let's be honest.